Hello everybody !

Ok, so I'm lefty and I've been playing guitar for around three years, mainly metal stuff. I use wrist motions most of the time (with some forearms moves), and my picking hand position is okay I think, it's more about the way to hold the pick which is my "problem".

I almost always used the same way to hold my pick during all these years, and I had quite good results. But I always thought that the way I was holding it sucked.
Like... I've seen many videos and tutorials about the way to hold it, and they all had that kind of 'classic' way that I didn't have which seems to fit the best ! (between the thumb pad and the index side/pad).

It's not like a massive difference, but still, it always seemed weird and not "right". Here is how I was holding it (between the thumb pad with an angle and a position between the index side and index pad) :

It looks like a mix between "Thumb pad / index pad" and "Thumb pad / index side" positions.

For leads, I always felt like I didn't fully control my pick, the picking was okay but unconsistent (like 10-20% of the time it stucks in strings. I don't know, it's not even too much tension or something else, it's just random resistance against the strings from times to times... so nothing was really perfect and that bored me. But I was like... "Mmh, everybody holds it its way I guess, so I will keep practice this way. Fuck that. I probably just need more and more annnnd more practice ! :P"

But that's been several months where I've been really questionning myself more technically about this, and it has always bored me even if I could play quite okay. I practiced trying to fix these strings resistance and control things but that still sucked. It's like this problem is keeping me from my "next guitar level/goals".

And so, I've been trying a new way to hold my pick for the last few days, which is more similar to the classic one I've seen almost everywhere (I'm not talking about using fist hand or free hand, and/or anchor thing, just the way to hold the pick)

I'm still working on it, but basically, it looks more or less like this (sometimes it moves a bit, I'm not still perfectly fine with it and used to it) :

I think I need more time to get totally used to it (I've also seen the 21 days thing), it's logical in my opinion that I can't change that in 3 days and be as good as I was before. I need maybe 1-2 weeks of readjustments. So that I don't use more tension that necessary, have a good grip etc. It's like a massive rework in progress. I'm trying to forget my old way and get totally used to this new one, which isn't an easy thing ahah (but not that hard too !)

For now, I've gotten really good results in leads (where I had to struggle). I mean more control, I can definitely feel it, less resistance against strings and I'm sure that with practice it will be really nice and I will progress, almost sure of that. Same for riffs with PM and stuff like that on low strings. I feel MUCH MUCH less resistance than ever before and everything seems more consistent, fluid and 'smooth'. With more training I'm sure it will be nice. I can play almost everything the same way (PMs, fast stuff, power chords and/or gallops, or leads stuff...) except the strength used and the pick angle which change a bit according to what I play. But this is normal I think.

So, as I said, I'm still training on picking with this new way now and for the next days/weeks until I'm getting totally used to it.

But one thing I've seen is that after these 2-3 days I've been practicing, my index finger hurts. I mean it's not like the whole hand or my full index hurts, it's just the side of the index, where it seems I'm focusing my strengh when picking. As you can see here, it's this part :

If I make a pause, I practice again, it's okay, but after 5-10 mins it starts to hurt again. It happens a lot when doing galops PM and power chords stuff (where I use probably more strength). It hurts a bit on leads but not that much. That's oookay.

And my question is : is it normal that it hurts just here ? I guess, like I said earlier, I'm using too much strengh and grip for now (it will probably adjust after a few more days of training), but still, is this right ? Is it because I need to get some calluses as it toughten up my index side because it's not used to it and totally new to it ? I shouldn't practice to much in a row ? Should I make more pauses ?

So, could you tell me what you think about all of that ? Was my old way to hold it bad ? Okay ? My new way seems good ? Crappy ? Much classic ? (at least for me it seems, except that it hurts my index, which is why I'm posting here, thinking I'm maybe doing something wrong)
The way it hurts my index is normal ? Do I just need more time and be patient ? Or i'm doing something TOTALLY wrong ? Mmh.

Thanks for your future help

Ps : Sorry for the really long talk but I really need your advices about this !