I'm still very new to guitars and I have a trade offer of an Epiphone Les Paul Standard for my Epiphone ES-339 pro and am not sure if I should take the trade. The Les Paul looks great (looks better than my 339 to me), appears to be translucent black, with black hardware and EMG pups. The owner is also very new to guitars and doesn't know what model EMG's are in it or much about it. My reservations about trading are mainly what is the tone of EMG's? I mostly hear people playing metal with them and I'm not a fan of metal... I like more Allman Bros southern rock, blues, classic rock, jazz sounds more than heavy distortion, how would emg's handle those genres? My 339 is a 2012 and I believe the LP is an 05 from the Serial number, how was the build quality of Epiphone Les Pauls back then? And last is this a smart trade value wise? I cant find a Les Paul "standard" that looks exactly like this.. Every LP I find online that resembles this LP is either a "prophecy", or "midnight custom" or something else. Here are some pics.

oh, I have a fender super champx2 amp if that matters.
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I personally don't like EMG pickups but I do love Epiphone Les Paul's (I own four different LP modals). I also like the ES339 but it's really a matter of what you like and the type of music you want to play. The ES339 will give you wider range of sound that is more usful if you play a lot of different styles but that's my opinion.
Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.
If you want to compare value, I found the two guitars below. Keep in mind that EMGs will cost about £130, so that's added onto it. Personally, I like EMGs, they can definitely do the styles you like, though they are definitely tailored towards heavier styles. My main issue with this trade is that Epiphones are, well, Epiphones. Yes, some play as well and sound as good as the real thing, but most do not, if you really like the Epiphone you have, it might not be the best idea to blindly trade it for what could be a bad guitar.


you could certainly play those styles of music with the emg's, but you're probably better off with the es339, especially for the jazz element
It will sound like a guitar with emgz in it.... lol

Emgz sound like trebly gainy bassy muddy pickups that make you sound metal. I honestly think they are trash and you shouldnt fuck up a les paul with them.

All my experience with them passive and active has been horrible.

I wouldnt do it. Just stick to stock pickups.

I can save u a bunch of time however. Guitars and amps are like batteries. AAA batteries from any brand will do the same job.....so will any guitar or pickup or amp..... trust me....13 years of being an audiophile and listening carefully to tone has taught me this; the audience isnt spending 13 years to figure if slash is using seymour duncan or emgz.....or if his guitar is plywood or has a tremolo.....

I say this because your tone is coming from your hands. Not your gear. U can make a trebly sounding guitar sound warm by using your fingers instead of your pick and vice versa. Its all in the hands!

However emg is a sad excuse for a pickup.... i even like line 6 products better than theirs and u know how most ppl feel about line 6