Yes I'm creating another one of these threads

I have some decent luthier chops, but one thing that has always scared the crap out of me is nut and fretboard work. I have a guitar with fairly decent looking frets (not plateauing or anything) and it has buzz in just one position: the first fret on the high E string. Nut clearance is great, but when you fret the first fret, it buzzes quite noticeably. When you look at it, the string as you might suspect is barely clearing the second fret, however, when fretting the second fret, third fret, and so on, it seems like the string clearance is really great and consistent from that point forward. So it's like the first fret is way deeper than the others. I'm wondering if this is more fretboard warp than anything else.

The G string buzzes on open too, but that's because whoever owned the guitar before me did a very unprofessional bone nut installation, and the radius of the nut doesn't match the fretboard, so the inner two strings are much closer than the others.

I'm thinking I'm just going to give up and bring it to a skilled luthier in town and have them install a new nut and shape/carve it to my guitar, and do a stainless fret job, and maybe inspect the fretboard for warping.

I guess the reason I'm writing this is I'm curious if anybody ever had this happen before and has any insight on whether this is an easy or hard operation for somebody reasonably experienced to fix.