If you are, who is your favorite instrumental guitarist?
Johnny A is my current favorite. He is currently playing with the Yardbirds. I saw him back in October and managed to meet him after the show. I agree there is a huge list but currently Johnny A has the best pure tone of any guitarist.


Of course there is always Jeff Beck. His "Emotion and Commotion" was awesome and he is the pioneer of the guitar instrumental album as we know it today.
Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.
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Satriani is good, but he should have never made any of his odd songs. If he did not, he would be higher on my list. I like Yngwie a lot, but his music is in minor keys. Minor keys are depressing.

I never heard of Johnny A. I think he uses DR strings on the video that was posted. He has a similar sound to what I have. He sounds nice. I will have to add his name to my web site that is dedicated to instrumental guitar.

As for Jeff Beck, I bought his album that came out around 1999 or so. It was terrible. I think here was techno in it.
Can't say I listen to that much intrumental. I feel like Eric Johnson in Cliffs of Dover is a fairly uneducated one to pick (still awesome though.) John Petrucci's stuff in liquid tension experiment is pretty tight.
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Dick Dale. Doesn't have to be a metal nerd to shred.
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Cool. I never heard of him.
John Fahey & Chet Atkins.

The best.
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Been listening a lot of Oz Noy lately. Fantastic stuff - his music ranges from jazz to blues to wildly experimental effects-drenched stuff.
Apocalyptica for the most part is well versed in their instrumentality. Audiomachine and 2Cellos, as well as Animals as Leaders, seem to be gaining ground more and more each day. Just a few examples