So the other day on Friday I found out my friends all went to go see star wars without me and then spoil the ending... pretty annoyed. But they gave me a couple things (I like to fix electronics) and one of my buddies gave me a broken iphone to fix, and my other buddy gave me a broken dunlop Fuzz Face... what it looks like is that the fuzz face just needs 1 wire to be soldered to fix it.

I need some serious help, I will do whatever it takes, and pay for whatever it takes so that I can have an audio message play through the line-out jack into an amplifier FROM the pedal (so basically, when you turn the pedal on it will play an audio recording through the output jack and into the amp) (preferably a message like 'Suck my Balls') or some cheesy generic insult..

Anyone know how to do this sort of thing? I will do whatever it takes.
interesting, that looks like it would work. I'm not that technical though, would there be a simple way to connect the audio output of the sound module to the output of the guitar pedal as well as for the power on the pedal/sound module?
looks to me that you would just take the positive and negative wires off that tiny speaker and hook it to the output of the fuzz pedal.

I'm an electronics guy myself, but not really sure if that'll work because I don't know how that fuzzface is wired.

I would guess just take the wires in the fuzz that go to the output jack and put the 2 from the card thing in it's place.

But...how much wattage from the card is needed...blah blah...in order to make it sound through the amp...all kinds of shit you'd have to figure out.

Bad ass idea, but you'd just have to get it and check. I'll look around and see if I can find something that'll work.

This is kind of the idea....but you have to plug a mic up to it to do vocals on it.

TC Helicon has a mic looper that would work...but that's not ideal. Points you in the right direction though. http://www.tc-helicon.com/en/products/ditto-mic-looper/

Let us know, Sir, if you pull this off. Would be very epic.
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Haha awesome. Alright I'll buy one of those greetings card sound modules, theyre only 10$ so it shouldnt be a big deal. That sounds about right for hooking up the audio module to the output of the pedal, but I really don't know much about the voltage information and all the rest of making something like this. Also in terms of connecting the power wires so that when you turn the pedal on it would play the message.

The fuzz face is just a standard size model probably made in the last 15 years. As for the voltage of it and the sound module I wouldn't be sure what any of it means, if anyone has any diagrams related to these 2 things and how to potentially wire them toegether, that would be great!

update: Ah thanks pressureproject! Ideally though can I do this without modifying the fuzz face externally and also not on loop, I just want the message to play once every time the pedal is turned on, but ill look into that first link for other ideas too
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ah, come on...looping, "Suck my Balls" over and over would be awesome...lol!

Anyhow, I'm sure that fuzz face pedal is 9volts, but that shouldn't matter. Just hook the output wires from the card on the output jack of the pedal. Would be awesome if that worked.
We recently did something like that, except that we incorporated a garage door circuit (wireless) so that we could switch from normal function to voice output (well, actually, it was "I'm too sexy for my shirt..."). When he tested the unit, it worked perfectly. In the middle of the gig, we hit the switch so that the next time he hit the button, the guitar was completely muted and only the vocal poured through (at max volume, natch). Because we could turn it off (and because he had NO idea what he was looking at with the back of the unit opened up), we were able to use it for weeks, changing the message occasionally.

The other "revenge" item was the addition of cornstarch to the top of several items of our drummer's kit. It was smoothed out perfectly, and we delayed him from getting back to his drum kit after a break until we'd already started a song that featured an initial "Big Drum Hit".
Apparently you can get the Miku stomp to 'sing' lyrics that you enter via an iPhone app.

So maybe if you gut one of those, put the innards into the fuzz face, and program it appropriately, you could have up to 6,000 characters worth of insults.
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ah, come on...looping, "Suck my Balls" over and over would be awesome...lol!

Anyhow, I'm sure that fuzz face pedal is 9volts, but that shouldn't matter. Just hook the output wires from the card on the output jack of the pedal. Would be awesome if that worked.

I'm gonna do it. (as soon as I get the sound module)

I will upload a video of my buddy shredding, and then getting horribly interrupted

for the win.
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