I got a hold of a factory 2nd Epi Prophecy for real cheap that doesn't have any pickups in it. I was thinking about going with a pair of Burstbuckers, or a some Duncans using a Slash neck and a Page bridge. Big fan of Joe Bonamassa and that original raw PAF tone hence the Burstbuckers but also love Pagey bridge sound and Slash neck tone, so I thought a combo could be pretty nice as well.
What I'm wondering though is how close are these all related? I mean the signature pups are specifically voiced of course, but aren't they based off the original pups that these guys used originally? Are they that much different from the Burstbuckers?
Sounds pretty nit-picky but it's more curiosity than anything.

What do you guys think?
I've got a set of the Slash sig's, and a set of the Alnico II's, which are basically what the Slash sigs are.

I've only recently gotten the Slash sig's, but I've had the Alnico's in my Snakepit for about 9 years now. I love the Alnico's because they're so fat and full, but clear and the same time. They cut through the mix like butter. The only difference I could really hear with the signature model, is that they seem to be a little higher output, having more bite to them.

I haven't tried the other you've mentioned.
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The Page and Slash sig pickups really don't sound all that much like what either of them used on their signature songs, sorry. They have their names on them because they get endorsement money.

Both were pretty much using original PAFs (or damned close to, in Slash's case) on LPs, and Page was using a Tele on a lot of the recorded stuff. My advice is to find pickups you like the sound of and don't worry about whose name is on them.
That's perhaps true of the Slash set, but the "Page" set (Whole Lotta Humbucker) isn't licensed or endorsed by Page at all. It's a set meant specifically to replicate the originals.

The WLH set is a production version of the CS Duncans that were made to replicate the set Seymour pulled out of Jimmy's #1 LP a few years ago. Bridge pickup was a T-Top and the neck was a PAF. I haven't played the production set yet, but the CS versions were very true to the originals. Or at least, they sounded great and a lot like you'd expect them to - I haven't played Jimmy's actual guitar. He keeps dodging my calls.

If you want a pickup set that's damn close to what Page was using live and for studio LP recordings, that's absolutely a good set to look at.
I agree with the first post about getting the alnico pro II pickups if you're after slashes most famous tones from his Kris Derrig 1959 gibson les paul copy that everyone drools over thinking it's a gibson.

Avoid signature pickups, dspellman said it best. My 2 cents it takes a lot more than a few thousand copper windings and the right magnets to get their tones. Amps, cables, strings and all, this isn't to say you cannot achieve their tone only one way by any means. I love how Keith Richards once said in an interview or something about the subject and i'm paraphrasing but he said along the lines "gimme 10 minutes and they'll all sound the same" , if slash , joe to anyone else had your guitar and contacts to seymour duncan they would have a new set in 2 seconds.

for the joe bonamassa set essentially they are a 1959 seymour duncan set but the 1959 PAF is so over done by every company it's lost all credibility with me. You have the Dimarzio PAF Pro, the joe bonamass set , the regular 59s by seymour duncan or the antiquities ones , i'm no expert but isn't the pearly gates also roughly a 50s PAF reproduction too?

I like stupidly high output pickups myself but a pearly gates bridge and a jazz seems a good mixture, the pearly gates i had on a fender showmaster (set neck strat without a pickguard and H/H routing) and liked it. But I prefer high output so i can tap, split and so forth them to all sorts of different sounds.
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