So I when I was younger I'd hear things when I was trying to sleep and would always get scared and go to my mom or dad and they'd always say "it's just the wind." So I decided since I needed song inspirational I'd write a song out of it. I plan on writing guitar and some bass with it and it's supposed to be slow.
I hear a noise
From the garage
Or was it my window
It's just the wind

I swore I heard my door open
The creaking of mahogany
My brain is playing with me
It's just the wind

I hear footsteps
Or is that my heart beat
There's a cold breeze at my feet
It's just the wind

My door opens
There he stands
I can't see his face
A knife glimmers in his hands

As he stabs
I hear a noise
Almost like a breeze
It's just the wind