I'm planning on throwing some EMG's into my RG7321 but not sure if routing will be required. Has anyone had experience with putting these into this guitar?
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Why would you need to rout anything out? You're only putting EMG's in it. Just put the battery in the control cavity.
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I've heard people say they had to route the pickup cavities in order for the pickups to fit
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I don't think so.
But pickups can very ever so slightly in size and it just might be necessary. Again though, I don't think you will have to.
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If it actually required routing (id say it doesn't) it shouldn't be anything a Dremel and a good bur couldnt clear up.
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Why would you need to rout anything out? You're only putting EMG's in it. Just put the battery in the control cavity.

Because the pickups in that guitar are direct mounted. EMGs are larger than passive pickups.
You will need to widen them all the way around, most likely.
EMGs arent THAT much bigger than standard dual coils and those guitars (and other direct mounts) are typically routed with plenty of wiggle room. There are large gaps of at least an 8th inch all around the pup.

Most manufacturers will have a universal (dual coil) route pattern to streamline production with various models with different pickup types including EMGs. So if there needed to be additional routing that would just baffle me.
With 7 strings it's kind of murky with actives, my friend had 707 (emg 85s essentially) in an agile 7 string stock and had to route a tiny amount of wood for the blackouts. This reminds me of a 1937 gretsch i saw, not even 9.14mm tuners could fit, the reason is there was no industry standards back then where as i can put a set of schallers (lets say) on just about anything.

phase 1 blackouts by Seymour Duncan may be an alternative , they are a superior pickup to me anyways, more higher output , hum cancelling and all the marketing pull factors to get it and the articulation (contrast messing with the knobs) unless you save up for the X series I mention on all of my active related posts.

for the 9v battery you can stick one into the guitars control cavity no problem, wrap them in foam or something to prevent shorting in the harness.

but there is a lot of great passives out there , by the time you shield a guitar and have the right amp you'll never want/need an active pickup again. Adjust the height of the pickups, use different picks , different string materials, i hate basswood bodied guitars and 25.5 scale doesn't work for 7 strings in my opinion. I'd sell/trade for a Schecter, Jackson , LTD or something around the same price range without the basswood if it was me. But then again this that and that rockstar like basswood so it's an open debate.

youtube is your friend to see what pickups you like, try and find a guy comparing on the same guitar there is too many kids on there ruining the whole pickup comparison trend on youtube though. But Ola Englund , Ryan Bruce (fluff) , Keith Merrow, Rob Chapman and dare I say the tone king did some good comparisons of those pickups and others. Maybe not all 7 string players but it'll give you an idea.

if you do go with the regular emg 707 pickups try and 18 volt modify them , but i'll wager money that RG 7 string doesn't have the space, the 18v mod makes the regular preamp in the emgs sound better.

blackouts and any active made these days are all solderless so you've got nothing to lose, they cost about the same amount too.
It looks like you would have to do some routing/reshaping to the cavities to fit the EMG's. It looks like the cavities are tightly made/contoured for rounded open coiled pups. So you would most likely at least have to reshape all 4 corners for the EMG's squared corners to fit in. But the entire cavity may need to be opened up like Tallwood13 mentioned.

When it comes to the majority of direct mounted pup guitars it can be tricky swapping brands and different shaped pups in them. When you have guitars with mounting rings the cavities are usually over sized and you can cram most any style/brand of hum you want, active or passive. If it were me, I would just buy some direct replacement pups that will fit with no mods and fits your needs better. Direct mounted pups are my favorite, but they come with compromise.