Those of you who have been following my journey for the ideal amp The ultimate amp for my was the Yamaha THRX and you guys help me come to that conclusion and without your help, I would of not of come to the ultimate conclusion. Seriously I just wanted to thank each and everyone of you for all your help. I really appreciate, you taking the time to help me.

Now I have been coming to this forum because of the good natured and ego-less and honesty that I have learned from you guys.
I have a Schecter guitar and yes it is one of the lower-end models but I really have become attached to it and for me it is very comfortable to play. So instead of buy a new guitar, I have decided to upgrade the pickups and I need some suggestions on which pickups I should put into it.
The music I play is hard rock/moder rock. I love killer heavy distortion. I keep my mids kinda scooped backed off the 12 oclock position and ya I like the highs but not overpowering. I tune to drop D and the sound I'm into is like that of Ola Englund. I have been looking at the Seymore Duncans Invader and yeah I do like the sound of it but the muddy sound of it keeps me from ordering it. As far as the neck pickup, I was thinking along th4 lines of a JB or a '59. So please suggest to me what you think would be perfect for my setup and as always thank you in advance and to each of you, I hope each of you have a very Merry Christmas with your families
The 59 is a great all-around vintage humbucker. But there are better options if you want a modern metal sound like Englund's. The JB has a himp in the mids that's very polarizing. So before you go that way try one in a store.
I prefer the Duncan Distortion over the JB in my guitars. I had the Duncan Designed Invaders in my Kelly when I purchased it and they didn't last very long. . .

I'd steer you in the Duncan Distortion Bridge/Jazz or '59 Neck, Black Winter set, or the newer Nazgul/Sentient set.
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