Planning on getting my drummer a new bass drum head for Christmas. His is beat to shit and is planning on recording our album with it, so I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone and buy a new one for him for Christmas so that: #1: I get him a cool gift for Christmas and #2: I help make our album sound less shitty by forcing him to change a bad drum head he is apprehensive about changing for some reason.

I know very little about drums. I know his bass drum is 18x22". What size head am I supposed to get? 18"? 22"? I was looking at an Aquarian SKII 22 incher but I was unsure if it would fit.

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Once girlfriend of my drummer bro gifted him a pair of drumsticks with their names engraved on it.

He played the shit out of them and they broke in a month.
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As a drummer, I understand that changing bass drum heads is fairly expensive, but he can't spring for a new head when you cats are getting ready to go into the studio? My advice to you is to save your money and get yourself and the rest of the band a little present this Christmas: a new drummer.

That being said, if you are absolutely headset on getting this fellow a new bass drum head, it would be a 22". 18" is the shell's depth. And yes, the Aquarian Superkick II is a good one.