I saw that movie a week ago and I don't remember hearing anything that sounded that cool! Haha good on ya man
Thank you, I'm glad you like it ^^ I really, really love John's new work for this movie!
Really awesome! I love this theme too. Need to watch this movie again.

The only thing I can critique is that the guitar and the background, though they mix surprisingly well together, could sound more cohesive.The music is very atmospheric but the guitar is a little more present and in your face. Not sure how you would accomplish getting them to meld better, but maybe something to experiment with and try different things out!

Great job though! Listened to it a couple of times because it sounded so good and I love the original.
very relaxing to listen to
good job!
only thing is that for an atmospheric sound, the mix feels a bit too narrow.
you could use some plugins like a stereo reverb or delay on the guitar. that makes the mix a lot bigger and more epic