Hi fellow UGers!
I've just bought a Bugera V55 combo. I've tried a few and this one has made the most impression on me.
It helps that I found it used for € 230,00 shipped, while it was almost double that price in the store...
Anyways, I like the sound a lot, especially the clean. The distortion on the other hand is a bit worse, but I was planning on using pedals anyway.

My question is: I like this amp as is, but I feel there's still room for some improvements.
Can anyone suggest me a tubes and/or speaker change that makes this amp even better?
Thanks in advance!
i highly recommend changing all preamp tubes, or at MIN the first and last.

some good options are:
JJs all around or at least a JJ in the first position

a 5751 in V1

a 12AT7 in teh last position.

personally, i ran a 5751 in V1 and a 12at7 in the last position and it worked out great. i would do a JJ 5751 and i got a NOS JAN-Phillips 12AT7 online for a relatively good price.

as for speakers, i would go Eminence or WGS. both are very good quality, relatively affordable, and offer a good variety of tones. basically some of the best dollar:performance speakers on the market. i have WGSs and love em.

another thing i would do with a 55 watt single speaker combo is perhaps get a Eminence FDM speaker like a maverick or a reignmaker. yeah they are 150 bucks, but they can attenuate the volume by about 9-10 DB, which from the overall output out of the speaker that is SIGNIFICANT. they also get very loud, about 101 SPL, which is generally a few measures louder than a normal speaker, which is also a nice bump in volume. meaning, they can help you get quieter or louder. a benefit of quiet (aside from playing at home) is that you can attentuate down teh volume, and then jack UP the master and get the power tubes working hard - get some natural tube breakup and crunch and help your tone.

those two things will make that amp drastically different.
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