Hello musicians ,

I would like to broaden my horizons and learn to play the acoustic guitar more than the normal stop technology also . I mean the strings to play individually , as for example, is played in folk music or even in various rock tracks as an intro or insert . I 'm not sure whether it is plucked or picking technique here ... ? Well I did many years ago times from the fellow - book what learned ( but I did not have ) and hope it here etc. Perhaps a few tips to corresponding reading in the Forum are or even over the Internet .
With what you have learned , or what can you recommend ?

Thank you...


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You should first figure out if you want classical or acoustic. Classical has a wider neck, and nylon strings, which is maybe more what you're after.

I'm not much of an expert on that, I'm more of a steel string guitarist, but there are multiple techniques for activating strings in any guitar style.

I'm not sure really what the difference between plucked or picked would be, maybe you mean open hand or with a pick, in which case what you want is open hand.

There are multiple ways to go about that. It took me a number of years of development, before I discovered the proper technique to fingerpick, that allows you to play quickly on acoustic. It's kind of subtle, and I'd have to show you. But I do other things like strum with back of nails in sort of a rasgueado way, and with the thumb, I pick with the thumb as well, and other little articulations and tricks etcetera.

The best place to start is with the right style of guitar in your hands, the next best place is to know exactly what you want to do, and how much time you want to spend, and the third best is to find the most suitable person you can find, to show you what you want to know.