Just wondering if anyone has a view on how closely this will emulate a telecaster clean twang? (plan to plug this into a Blues Junior III)...thinking of getting one online and won't have a chance to try it out...I understand with the MFD pickups adjusted flush into the body, this should be very close....

Yes, I know I should try out a guitar and feel and hear it for myself and yes, if I want a telecaster twang I should get the real thing, but:

(a) for some reason this is much cheaper than a Mexican standard telecaster in my country
(b) nobody in the immediate vicinity stocks this, so I have to order this from another city
(c) this will not be my mainstay instrument, I use a PRS SE Singlecut, Mex Strat, Epi ES-339 on stage so this is really just for fun and at best 2-3 songs in our lineup so I certainly don't intend to take out a mortgage to acquire a twangy axe

Would be grateful for any experience sharing....thanks
It will be twangy enough. G&L make great guitars. I use to play a Legacy. If I'm not mistaken, the pickups can be a bit chimier, but the overall tone will have that T style twang.
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it's built for the telecaster twang.

the asat classic tribute is a modernized version of the original tele, designed by leo fender and george fullerton.

and they picked some good upgrades to make, flatter fretboard radius, individual brass saddles for each string allowing for simpler intonation, and great pick ups. (you can adjust individual pole pieces on the bridge pup ftw)

it's one of the most versatile guitars i've ever owned, and it's just plain simple.

i strongly recommend it for what you want to do. it's a great guitar.
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