Hello everybody.
I want to buy my first electric guitar. Especially i listen alternative rock music, such as nirvana, artic monkeys, green day, audioslave, radiohead,coldplay .... Generally i can say %70 of song s that i listened in such kind. %30 of songs that i listened is blues, blues rock, rock n roll, some heavy rock, such as gun n roses( knockin on heaven door, sweet child o mine), bon jovi, muse, some deep purple 's song. I also like some metallica song such as unforgiven and one. As i said i generally prefer alternative but rarely listen some hard rock and only some metallica song. i do not prefer trash or death metal.
i need your electic guitar advice. Highest price nearly 500 dollar affordable for me.
Now i think about godin session, fender standart hss is also good but its price is nearlly 750 dolllar in my country. Is godin session good for alternative mainly? and what do you advise also? Thank you.
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