It took 13 days to get it, but my new pickguard came in today from Fender. Just as I thought, when I pulled the old pg off the wiring in there is a nightmare. At least to me anyway. And wouldn't you know it a wire broke off the passing lane switch and it took me a good while to figure out where it came from and to get it soldered back. There was no hole for the passing lane switch in the new pg so I had to drill one. No big deal. But the mount for it is glued to the underside of the pg so I had to take a knife and gently get it off the old pg. I was successful so after removing enough shielding on the new pg, I glued the mount in place. Everything went back fairly well although the N3 pups were a very, very tight fit! I'm posting pics of it completed and I have pics that I took during the procedure if anyone is interested in them. I'm glad it's finished!

very nice choice of colors, yeah the only thing that stopped me from getting tortoise shell pickguards on strat projects was the ones from allparts to chinese ebay its like a jpeg printed tortoise texture on the pickguard.

Tortoloid comes close to legit sea turtle if i remember right but if i did another guitar with a pickguard i'd use axetremecreations.com man made abalone pickguards.

this is tortoloid, i wish they would make pickguards out of it as celluloid is extremely flammable like fender picks

sort of like this
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Nice work, tortoise pickguards always look great. I put a red tortoise pickguiard on my knock-off strat a few months ago. It may only be an $80 guitar but it looks so pretty now.