I'll record it if it'll help, but basically when my amp is on, it'll randomly shoot out really loud garbled noises that sound like when you touch the end of the instrument cable to something with the amp on.

It'll happen whether I'm playing or not...the volume could be completely down on the guitar and it'll still happen...other times it won't happen at all for hours. It happens on multiple guitars and cables, so I'm fairly certain it's the amp. It's a 60w tube peavy vypyr.

I've had it for like 6 years and never changed the tubes could that be why? I don't use it that heavily so I figured they were just still lasting.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
Yeah I*'d start with a new 12ax7 and a pair of 6L6's
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Quote by Will Lane
^I don't there there is a 12ax7 in.

Matched pair of 6L6's, yes.

Yeah. There is. It is a phase inverter for the 6L6s.

But yeah replace the tubes, and report back. Make sure they are seated all the way down. If you want to take it a step further, get some Dioxit Contact Cleaner and spray the tube pins before you put them in. Work that in and out a bit to clean the sockets basically. Never spray cleaner into the sockets directly though.