Thought I'd share an interesting amp combination.

Recently bought a Traynor YRM-1, basically the highly-sought-after YBA-1 only with Traynor's tasty reverb and a pounding tremolo (and a lot more affordable, as they're usually mint and it came with a 4x10 cab and still came up $200 less than any beat-up singular YBA-1 for $800 and cabless), and just a while ago decided to stack it with my Peavey Valveking 100, and I'm blown-the-ffff-away by the tone I got.

The Traynor is basically a Fender Bassman or Marshall JMP clone, and when you throw on the neck pickup it lacks a lot of juice, basically just comes out as a fatter gain with not a whole lot of love for attack. The Valveking on the other hand, as a very inexpensive amp that right of the bat is driven way too much for my liking, has the most succulent juicy neck tone even with a shitty set of Epiphone stock pickups. And I mean f-ing juicy. So with a Bassmaster up front? Set the gain to about half on each, maybe roll off a bit on the Peavey but it's up to you, and you've got all that you want in life.

I don't think I've come close to a tone like this for the price. You're getting the sweet sound and power of the pre-amp gain of a vintage Bassman, plus the juice that lightly but raw-ly emulates a single-coil strat (that's nowhere near too much if you plug in a strat itself). Only problem is a hum and whistly feedback, the hum probably being the unmarked cable used to connect the two amps which might be an instrument cable rather than a speaker cable, but I don't know).

$600 on the Traynor (with the cab), and at the time I got the Peavey for $250 from a very generous person. So really, a $5,000-10,000 rig for $850.

How are you hooking these up? Your cable comment is a bit scary.

Are you using an A/B/Y box before the amps?

Should go
/ \

Edit: it took out my spaces but basically guitar into A/B/Y with Y selected meaning both outputs active with one output into the input of the YRM and the other Y output into the input of the VK.
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Hooked up as Metalmingee said. I don't know what the unmarked cable is exactly, but I'm assuming it's an instrument cable because of the sound. I know the reason not to use one to carry from the amp, just wanted to try this setup out quickly.

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So you are saying the Traynor isn't gainy enough., and the Peavey is too gainy? Is the Traynor muddy on the neck pickup? Neck humbuckers are pretty particular with the type of overdriven amp you put them in front of. It may sound creamy through one and just unflattering and unusable through another.

To be honest, I would imagine playing through any two amps at the same time would sound awesome., especially ones with such contrasting styles. What kind of music do you play? I'm guessing nothing too heavy, but nothing too soft either.
i think there may be something wrong with what you are doing.

please rephrase and elaborate.
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