Hi everyone,

I'm new to setting up an effects loop, so I could use some help with a sound problem that I'm having.

I have a Hosa STP203 1/4 in TRS to Dual 1/4 in TS cable that I used going from the insert of my Crate MX120R, and then out to my pedals in the effects loop. I got sound out of it and the effect pedals worked fine, but I wanted to buy something that felt sturdier and of better quality, so I bought a Monster MCL FST2FM 1/4 Stereo Female to Dual 1/4 Female Mono Cable Adapter to connect nicer cables from it and into my effects loop. The problem is that I cannot get any sound when connecting cables to that Monster adapter, and so I don't know if the adapter is defective, or was it not meant to be used for an effects loop?

I'll attach some links of the items that I'm using.




Hm, I don't see why it shouldn't work. I'm guessing you've double checked all of the cables and that it's all hooked up correctly? Try swapping the send and return cables, maybe you've gotten those mixed up. The ring of the TRS side should be connected (in the adapter) to the tip of one of the TS cables, which is the one you plug into the start of the effects chain - this is coming out of the amp. The tip of the TRS side should be connected (in the adapter) to the tip of the other cable, which should be plugged into the end of the effects chain - going back in to the amp. This is explained on page 5 of the manual you linked.

Another problem could be that the Monster adapter isn't for this and just connects the tip of the TRS to both of the TS tips and just grounds out the ring of the TRS, in which case it won't work for this. Looking at the Monster adapter description it doesn't mention anything about it, some I'm guessing this might be the case. Notice on the hosa cable one side is labeled tip and the other is labeled ring, while I don't think it has any such labels on the monster adapter, in that case you probably have the wrong kind of adapter. In fact, the more I look around I'm pretty sure that's the case. Everything else has some way to mark which one's which and that monster adapter doesn't.

Try searching for 1/4" send return cable.
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Thanks so much for the detailed response! Like I said, I'm new to all of this, and just realized what is most likely the problem - no TRS tipped cables plugged to the Monster adapter! I've tried plugging in different cables and switching stuff around, but after reading your response and doing some research, I realized that without a TRS tipped cable going into the amp's insert and Monster adapter, the signal will not work properly. Is this correct? I looked at the Hosa cable, and it indeed has a TRS tip which I guess would explain why it's working. The Monster adapter has female inserts which would require a TRS cable at its starting point, right?
Yea, it needs a TRS cable going into the amp and TS cables going to the effects. However, it still won't work if the two TS tips are both connected to the tip of the TRS, which I'm thinking might be the case because looking at the picture I don't see anything distinguishing which TS connector is the tip and which is the ring, which says to me that they probably both do the same thing, which isn't what you need. It's worth trying it with a TRS cable if you can get a hold of one though.

Most amps have somewhere labeled "send" to plug in normal instrument cable to come out of the amp and into the beginning of the effects chain, and then it has another plug labeled "return" that you connect the end of the chain to. This amp uses a TRS connector with two conductors that have to be split up into to separate connectors - the ring of the TRS is the "send" and the tip is the "return". The sleeve on all of them is the ground wire.

I don't see anything wrong with the Hosa cable unless you're just worried about the looks, in which case I'd go for something like this http://www.amazon.com/GLS-Audio-Y-Cable-Cable-Cords/dp/B001LUXQ4A/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1450997358&sr=8-11&keywords=1%2F4%22+send+return+cable or make my own.
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