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I would like to name a chord in a tab I am about to publish, but I have no idea what to name it. It is an E5 chord, but slightly modified so that I play a D# with my index finger instead of an E.

See the attached chord chart.

Does anyone know what to name this chord?

Capture d’écran 2015-12-24 à 13.04.12.png
It could also be an Emaj7(no3rd) depending on the chord progression, or just an Emaj7 if another instrument is playing a G#. What's the rest of the progression?
Emaj7 would be a good choice. But we need the context.
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Yes, I'd say Emaj7, certainly if you're including the 6th string.

"E5(maj7)" would be more precise about that missing 3rd.
Agree with other that this would give you an E major 7 sound especially if hitting those open strings as well.

It is also no longer a power chord by adding the D# note.
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Agree on it being a Emaj7, but with a D# on the bass. I kinda wanna know the whole progression too, though.

Umm... Maybe I'm just assuming things, but I couldn't help wondering: are you perhaps trying to go for a D# augmented power chord instead?
Context, again with the fifth vs third stack.
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