So I'm trying to make "frankentele", if you will with the most versatile configuration I can think of. I'm going to give it an hss pickup configuration with the following wiring:
Position 1 - Neck
Position 2 - Neck and Middle in series
Position 3 - Neck and Bridge out of phase
Position 4 - Middle and Bridge in parallel (Humbucker split)
Position 5 - Bridge
I have no idea how to wire a guitar so any help would be appreciated. Also, it's going to have a 59/custom hybrid in the bridge and a classic stack in the middle. I also know nothing about tele neck pickups as I am more of a strat and Les Paul type person, so a recommendation for that would be appreciated.
Edit: from all you wiring experts, should position three be in series of parallel?
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I have used the diagrams on this site for years and they are free
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guitarelectronics.com is a fantastic site, im still getting back to all my emails but if you dont mind buying a super 5 way switch i can draw you out a diagram tonight

personally i like series out of phase, parallel out of phase would be too weak as phase reversal in most cases already cuts the volume down a bit. Or at least it did on this set of single coils in a jackson DK2 a while back.

to get phase reversal and coilsplits/coiltaps (parallel) you need two four wire pickups , luckily this is a brand i can google , but besides that this should be pretty easy.

one tele wiring that you dont see enough of is jerry donahue of the helicasters super 5 way tele wiring. It looks difficult and i forget exactly what it does but there was some quirks to it to make it special.
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