For some reason, I am getting a very annoying sound from my 3rd string. It's only noticeable when it's played on its own, but it also happens if I just touch it, like *tap* *split-second-pause* *ringing*. It only happens with this string, which coincidentally did not come in the same pack as the other strings, I bought it as a single. Does it have something to do with this, or is it completely unrelated? Any insight would be helpful. Thanks.
If it is of a lower gauge, then it might be flopping around on the fret board. Take a picture of the action/raise it for that string and see what happens. Also use a properly matched set. c:
I use D'Addario 13-56 in drop Bb. I replace the the wound 3rd with a D'addario plain 20. The strings are new too, so I don't see how that can be the problem. Also, what is a "properly matched set?" I'm pretty sure mixing and matching to suit your needs is alright...