So ya I took the plunge and got the Yamaha THRX and so glad I did. This thing is a beast!. Best sounding amp ever as far as i'm concerned. I was curious though will a EHX Soul Food pedal sound good thru the clean channel? Also I have a schecter with stock pickups with the thrx being a modeling amp, would upgrading the pickups make my sound with this amp any better or would it just be a waste of money? This is my only amp and I have no desire to play thru anything else or to play anywhere except my bedroom.
Through a good modeling amp i think pickups do make a difference. It's hard to say with the THRX, I've heard some really good demos, and I've heard some awful ones, so I'm not sure how much the differences will shine through. My Kemper definitely reacted differently to different pickups and guitars, but it was also top of the line, and it would be a bit of a ripoff if it didn't show those differences.

The Soul Food will probably sound okay, but I'd definitely see if I could try it first through your amp before I bought it.
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Pickups always make a big difference, if you have no-name stock pickups.

I went a long time just thinking that was b.s....but when I finally changed out the stock pickups it was like night and day.