After a week of practice, i found that I was able to push my alternate picking speed up to 200bpm (16ths) suddenly, which at first was an incredible feat for me. Fast forward a few days and i was working on my economy of motion and further sharpening my skills to play at that speed. fast forward a few days, I tried applying this to a cover of a Dream Theater song I'm trying to do. I found that after like 15 seconds of playing at 200bpm i would get quickly fatigued in my left hand. I finally know how to manage my tension in my right hand when gripping my pick, but the fretting hand is a completely different story. I always feel like I'm trying to catch up to something that i cant catch up to, which makes me tense up, and as a result makes my right and left hands tense up and i have to stop.

I can finally play at the speed i set my goal to, but how do i maintain it?
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The fatique is coming from tension in your left hand. This is normal when learning something new and tends to go away once you've done it enough that it becomes muscle memory. That's why most teachers advocate lowering the tempo and slowly working yourself up to speed. Repetion is the only answer to developing the muscle memory response.