So I am wanting to get a more Sabbath type tone out of my Marshall AVT50 and am looking for a treble booster.
I need to stay under $120.
What do you suggest?
Can't speak for Sabbath Treble Booster itself, but my favorite treble booster always uses an OC44 for the transistor.
You're gonna find out yourself which one uses that transisitor, I'm barely awake enought to type right now.
If you could spend a little bit more, the Catalinbread Sabbra Cadabra might be what you're looking for. Since you want to get a black sabbath tone. I know it doesn't fit your budget, just food for thought.
Yea after researching most of today I think the Sabbra Cadabra is the pedal for me.
ont a traditional treble booster, but a Xotic AC booster has bass and treble settings, noon is unity, so you can cut bass and boost treble and it actually works quite well. its a fairly flatish mids type pedal but i find it has an ever so slight middy ness and adding in treble adds in some high mids, i find i already use a mid EQ on the amp, so boosting it up more adds a fairly nice attack, cutting lead tone i like.

solid pedal.
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will a treble booster work with an avt? i know i used to have an avt100 and it didn't like stacking pedals with the amp's distortion (though admittedly at that point in time i'm not sure i'd discovered the whole "drive low/volume high" setting )

i wouldn't spend too much before you're sure it'll work, in other words.
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Ive never understood why people use treble boosters. Can you not just turn up the treble on the amp or use a boost for solos?
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Ive never understood why people use treble boosters. Can you not just turn up the treble on the amp or use a boost for solos?

The EQ on the amp is often wired into the amp's circuit after the preamp gain stage that introduces distortion, whereas a treble booster allows you to boost the treble BEFORE that gain stage, which has a much more prominent effect on the characteristics of the distortion.

I can't imagine a treble booster being that useful with an AVT though - treble boosters only really work with amps which have overdrive that naturally sounds kinda muddy and muffled with poor note separation. An amp which sounds well balanced without a treble booster will most likely sound thin and nasal with a treble booster engaged. These results would not be very helpful when trying to get a more sabbath-like tone...
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