I've been arguing with myself for the past week and finally shortened my list of options to these 2, and by sound only i can't seem to decide as they both sound amazing to me(alse, quite similar to my taste).
my search includes a dreadnought acoustic electric with a cutaway, the combination of spruce and rosewood really hit my ears and having it solid is important for me.
basically i'm looking for technical (objective) advises: durability, electric systems, improvement over years and any such thing you can think of.
opinions are welcome but please keep it for last.
Norman is one of the LaSiDo brands that includes Seagull, A&L and Godin. They have a good reputation, but the Mexi-made Taylor, of which I have played a few, would be the clear winner for me. An important plus is the bolt-on neck, which can be quickly and easily reset if the guitar's geometry deteriorates.