i did some recording for my brothers song and in order to get the sound i wanted I ended up pissing off everyone in the house and probably the neighbors. haha. right know i don't have access to sound canceling room to record/practice in. I was looking on building my own isolation box for my amp but I've read enough cons to second guess it. Can I get satisfactory result from amp sims on my Mac?
I'm sure this topic has been beaten to death. but I'm more concerned with Iso box cons vs amp sim cons
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Can I get satisfactory result from amp sims on my Mac?

For the money of an iso cab you could get a good interface and good amp sims, and they would be a lot more versatile.
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Have you considered the Mesa Boogie Cab Clone? This puts a load on your amp and allows you to record directly into your audio interface with your real amp tone. It also has a headphone out. For live performance the direct out can be combined with your cab, or you can stay direct and control your stage volume and make the FOH guy very happy. In ear monitoring would be ideal for this, but traditional solutions work as well. As far as amp sims go, IK Multimedia's Amplitube 4 is one of the most comprehensive on the market with official sims from Mesa Boogie, Marshall, Fender, Orange, Ampeg, and others. Make sure to get a good audio interface to take advantage of either solution. I like the idea of amp sims in one regard is that you can re-amplify the guitar rather easily. I would recommend the Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo which has pro quality mic preamplifiers and really good amp sims that don't take clock cycles from your CPU, as well as other effects that are conducive to high quality recordings. This would be a powerful and portable in the box guitar rig.
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The Cab Clone is a good option but still you can't beat the real deal.
You can purchase a Jet City iso cab ($300) which would be about as much as you'd pay if you have to put one together yourself. You can basically stick that thing in a closet with a mic, and possibly throw a few extra moving blankets on top of it for further isolation and it will be almost quiet at full blast.