hello guys, for the past 3 years i had an Ibanez AS73 for left handed and i wanted to upgrade pickups, i'm not sure what kind of pickups i want to put into, but i have a great interest in put some Seymour Duncan Livewire Dave Mustaine Pickups, i have experience with active pickups, but EMGs, and i have heard really good things about the Mustaine Livewires, that they are versatile and that they sound really good

what are you guys opinion about my idea? it is a good plan? or i may stick to pàssive pickups and put some other pickups,

by the way, i play mostly metal, Thrash Metal, Industrial Metal, Nu Metal, Death Metal, Alternative, Grunge, etc
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i like passives but seeing as you're not going with the over done 81/85 combo this can be a lot of fun , i say give it a go. The other blackout you might like is the blackout metal as there is the boost on it you can re-wire a useless (to me) treble cutting tone knob to control the percentage of boost you get out of the bridge.

but if i was to pick the duncan distortion set, the JB bridge pickup or black winter set for example i'd go with. In one guitar i wanted a distortion and screaming demon (humbucker bridge) in the neck. But on a bc rich i have i might just go with the black winter or full shred set.
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You're going to have some issues putting actives in a semi-hollow guitar. Not really any place to put the battery. I'd go passive, or get a guitar with actives already in it (or at least space for a battery).
i have currently 2 guitars with actives, a Dean VMNT and a custom guitar, both have EMG 81/85, this two guitars are set for lower tunings, but this ibanez is set for not too low tunings (currently is in Eb tuning) i wanted the LiveWires DM because i had heard good things about them, and i was curious about a semi hollow guitar with active pickups, but not emgs, but i'm also interested on passives, like an Invader, or a Distorion, but not a JB, i am not a particular fan about the JB, i want anything that is (i hope) medium to high output, but i want to sound good and not too muddy
muddiness the invader i'd stay away from, however there is a wiring mod i've mentioned on here a million times that clears up even the muddiest pickup I'll have a diagram below. It costs next to nothing to make too.

here's practically the whole SD line, the only two concerns are the actives Ola got a horrible tone out of and the fact he isn't using the same guitar start to finish. It's tedious but a video like it you plan to keep up forever so might as well do it right the first time.

and this believe it or not is a fender mod but for super high output pickups I don't see myself playing a guitar without it , it only works on passive guitars and if the 9v is a pain to switch you can have an external power supply which is easy to make. Even a butter dish filled with bubble wrap will do the trick , i actually made one for this bass cut mod to show people what it could do years and years ago. But the diagram isn't posting properly so click the link.

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