Courtesy of Gramma who still sends me checks for xmas: a Hovercraft Ionostrofear 2.5 fuzz/boost pedal.

The Ionostrofear is the mother of all doom fuzzes. People often talk about dirt boxes that just unleash a wall of noise, but this one really does. It doesn’t sound like a fuzz. It sounds like fuzz cascading into a muff cascading into a cranked tube amp. It easily nails the sound of cranked Orange, Matamp, and Sunn amps. And it has crazy range. With the gain down it’s a boost pedal. With the gain at 9:00 it’s so dirty that rolling off the guitar’s volume does nothing. It is crazy loud. You know those Sonic titan style pedals with a built-in power amp chip that get crazy loud? This thing is their big brother. Definitely not for apartment dwellers or headphone players. And it has so much low end you might be able to fire your bassist. If you want to turn every note into a brown note this is pedal to do it with. Because it’s so filthy that you’ll feel like you shat yourself.

I like the sweet enclosure. HNPD!
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