I was reading about strobe tuners and particularly the ST200/ST300 Turbo Tuner pedal but I'm having a hard time talking myself into spending 120$.

I've got a snark clip-on. I've also got the Pitchlab Pro app. Pitchlab seems more accurate than the snark. Neither one seemed suitable for setting intonation.

But then I remembered that my Pitchlab app has a strange display mode that I never understood before. I checked it out and it turns out that Pitchlab has a "strobe mode" on their app.

But I'm skeptical. I wouldn't expect that a 10$ app could duplicate the functions of a 120$ pedal. I'm sure enclosure, switch, display etc... Is worth a couple bucks but still...at that moment I was willing to bet that Pitchlab isn't really doing what they say.

But then I found out that Peterson sells a strobe tuner app. Wut? If Peterson can make a strobe tuner app that works then maybe Pitchlab can too?

Am I missing something? Anyone have experience with these products?
I don't know that app but why couldn't a $10 app be as good as a hardware tuner? There's only software so where's the manufacturing cost?
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The turbo tuner is far more precise. Plus it's an actual direct strobe unit which is pretty cool and isn't hindered by stuff like the input mic or the display algorithm of the digital simulations.

All that said, most of the time the app is good enough. The Turbo is a hell of a tuner but it is a lot more advanced than is necessary for most uses. I have one and I love it, but it's a luxury more than a necessity. I'd happily use either one at home. In a band situation you really need a pedal IMO. The mute function is invaluable and your phone can't track at all on a noisy stage.
That helps.

My ear is improving and I'm getting pickier about my tuning but I'm still kinda bad at it. I didn't want to have to blame myself but I'll take it now.

Hope you had a merry Christmas.