I mean washburn XMPRO2. In my coutry (Slovakia) it sells new for 286 euros (313USD )
It has great features.... Ebony fretboard, mahagony with maple top, set neck, Duncan designed pups.... Does it lack quality? The price have to show off somewhere.
And it is not bargain. I am not so dumb at all...
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Names of woods are thrown around loosely by many manufacturers. They rarely tell you what grades of woods though. The lower the grade the cheaper it is to buy and it''s generally smaller pieces meaning you need to stack a lot of it up to make a blank of any appreciable size.
Moving on.....
Ebony, even on many quite expensive guitars today, while being ebony technically, rarely is the perfect black wood it appears, but has been dyed to look that way.
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don't get fooled by specs. on paper that does sound awesome and make you think wow how do they do that. they do it by bending the truth sometimes considerably. "mahogany" is often the worst offender in the cheap guitar sweepstakes. many woods that while sorta kinda related to mahogany in reality aren't. chances are that guitar is made of a wood that has been dubbed eastern mahogany. these woods are used in asia as mahogany substitutes and while they have may have similar properties aren't actually mahogany. as mentioned you can get lower grade ebony that needs to be dyed to give it that dark look that is prized. duncan designed doesn't mean much. seymour duncan licenses it's designs to companies that actually make the pickups. some are better than others but quality is not assured. none of this means that that washburn isn't a decent guitar that plays well or sounds decent just that it isn't as spiffy as tey would have you believe.
I tried Googling it, but the specs didn't match your description, so I can't comment specifically.

The maple may not even be veneer, it might be a photo image at that price. You can tell by looking at the centre seam, if it has slight fuzziness, it is a photo.

Not that I would worry too much. At that price, if it works, it works, and there is no cheap trem to go bad.
The point is to try it and decide for yourself if it's a good buy.
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