I just got a orange micro dark and i need help. I have a small 15 watts yamaha combo amplifier but i am very confused. Please help me:

- Can i just connect the micro dark to the combo in the clean line?

- Is there a risk that the micro dark being 20 watts and the combo 15 watts, the combo would be damaged?

The MD doesn't have a line-level out, but if the Yamaha has an AUX input you might be able to connect the headphones out on the MD to it. Do not try to connect the MD speaker out to the combo amp. The speaker out on the MD is meant to connect to a cabinet (basically, a speaker in a box WITHOUT an integrated amplifier). You may need a cabinet to run the MD.

Also, check the manual for any warnings about using the MD without a speaker connected to the Speaker Out. Usually you don't want to do this with an amp, but since it's a hybrid, it might be OK.

Edit - Oh, and the MD is an Amplifier, not a Pre-Amp.
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