Innovative, yet still sticking with the original tones. You did a nice job to an old tribute to one of the best guitarists around, past or present. Quite a few parts of Randy's main solo sounded actually better done than he did officially, which worked nicely. 5/5 from me
Great cover man ! love it ... one of my favorite songs of all times ! great solo also, with a very good technique ... all good for me

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Yeah the sound of the guitar was great! Your playing has a cool feel. Making the song your own while keeping the important parts! Awesome job!

Thank you mate!
great cover liked it!
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Any more covers planned for the immediate future, mang?

I'm studyin' medicine and I have one exam left for now....So...If I'll pass the exam I'll work on a new cover. I was thinkin' about playin "18 And Life" by Skid Row.
Oh joy. Those med exams are going to be horrendous, I can just tell. Nice song suggestion. If ya need any help, I can be of some use for ya :3