Looking to start learning to play the guitar as I have a lot of spare time between teaching mma. I love bands like iron maiden, Metallica, megadeth and acdc. My budget is only £500 (around $750)this is for both a guitar and an amp which I know isn't a lot. I have a few musts like 24 frets (to play megadeth songs) and I would prefer it if the tuning pegs were all on the same side. I quite like the V shaped guitars but this isn't a must if I can attain a better guitar that's a different shape. Thanks guys I await your superior knowledge
No one? I bet there's some knowledgeable people on this forum,would love a bit of guidance.
Hey, you can get a half decent beginners set up within your budget.
I personally would avoid a Flying V as a first guitar. The awkward shape would make it difficult to handle as the only really allow for playing while standing, and as a beginner you will probably be spending a lot of time sitting with it on your knee learning chords and scales. That, and it would eat a big chunk of your budget, leaving you with not a lot of the amp.
I would personall look at a stratocaster shape guitar. Like an Ibanez or Jackson. As they are easy to play, evenly weighted and are tailored more to a more "Metal " tone generally. You can pick up entry level models between £250 £300
With regards to an amp, I assume you would be after a combo ?(speaker built in) I would like at either a Marshall, Blackstar or a Laney combo as a first step. Generally good tone control and plenty of volume for home / small space use. Again you should be able to find something between £200 £300
I hope this has been useful mate.
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Thanks greedo, appreciate the advice. Does a guitar having 24 frets add to the price or sound (different pickup placement) of the guitar in anyway. I'm only asking because I would love to play holy wars, tornado of souls in the future and obviously Marty Friedman goes to the 24 fret in his soloing.
It shouldn't have a huge impact on cost, your paying for build quality, materials and hardware like the pickups , machine heads and bridge. And the guitar will be built for purpose. So if it needs 24 frets it will have 24. But I suspect that most entry level guitars would have 22 frets just because the target user would generally not need all 24 to begin with. But having said that, I haven't bought a new guitar in years, I've been playing crusty black Metal type stuff with a les Paul that I have had for 10 years so I'm not fully up to date with exactly what's out there.. But there has been a boom in recent years in entry level guitars aimed at people wanting to play Metal / hard rock. So there will be something out there for you. Like I said I think Jackson or Ibanez will be your best bet.

Have a look on this website.... They have a pretty decent selection. I even spotted a couple of "V's" if you have your heart set on one.

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