I've been looking to replace some of the plastic parts on my Epiphone Special II like the switch tip, rhythm/treble ring, and pickup mounting rings with cream color plastic parts. I was wondering if I could use gibson replacement parts, or if I have to find other parts? Maybe Chinese or Japanese made parts?
That's a flattop, yes? A lot of Gibson parts won't fit it. You'll need flat bottomed rings and probably metric posts if you're replacing the bridge.

Lots of eBay parts will fit. Just double check the specs, and ask here if you're not sure.
Since they're flat tops, you can use switch pieces for a Les Paul Jr or Studio.

I've had a couple of these guitars; I love that you can pick up a great playing (after a bit of fiddling) guitar for under $200 brand new at Guitar Center. I also enjoy modding them. On my Special I/P90, I swapped the tuners (which were a bit crummy feeling) for some wilkinsons for about $25 on Guitar Fetish, and changed the nut for a TUSQ one. Both of those things stabilized the tuning a lot. On both my Special I and Special II, I carefully sanded down the backs of the necks until they were silky instead of sticky.

Have fun modding these affordable hot rod guitars!
use china as much as possible for the plastic parts, the only thing cream I'm not sure if it's a direct replacement for is the mounting rings as some specials like the ones you get from china; others "don't"

the tuners and nut I agree with cle4r to replace, the bridge perhaps a roller tuneomatic one from guitarfetish , it's heavier so more tone and sustain in my opinion. I've never tried wilkinson tuners but if you've got modern tuners I'd just pay the extra 10 or so dollars and get a chrome grover 3x3 set. On guitar fetish you might even be able to get a mid ranged tremolo if you want to get bigsby like dives out of the guitar.

but wiring if you got any questions send me a private message, it's what keeps this forum interesting for me.

but the parts on a special are from china, except for a few you could do a lot with ebay. You can get new pickup covers to an all chrome switch tip.