It is my first time buying a 2nd hand guitar (online) and I would like opinions.

I've read the UG reviews on the RGT42DX and they were very positive. I think this is an edge pro ii. I've heard that these trems have noticeable wear only months after use which affects tuning retention(?), so it makes me worried because I'm getting a used one. I am wondering if it is really that bad because the UG reviews I read do not complain about it, or if there is anything else I should be concerned about.

( I also tried to look up the serial number in the guitar dater project and it is unrecognized, I think it is too new? )

Here are some photos of him.

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For me the wear on the bridge is not a huge deal for me just remember skill>looks
The specs are really good too and if you don't know what is the bridge if the guitar was made in 2005-2006 its the Edge 2 but after that its Edge 3. On 2007 ibanez changed it to Edge 3
and if the guitar was made before 2009 is really good because its was made in Korea but after that Ibanez changed the factory to indonesia. If i am you i would buy this guitar(make sure you don't get scammed)
Ps.sorry for bad english i'm Asian :p
The Edge Pro II isn't as bad a bridge as the Edge III, but I still wouldn't want one on my guitar personally. For me it's either an Edge, an OFR or bust.

Ask the owner to take photographs of the knife edges.
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