Hi guys,

I can't seem te get my wiring right. Tried te make a drawing of my current wiring.

Can you help me? hope it makes sense...

Wiring diagram.pdf
your color code

your diagram, if you're using a 3 way blade let me know , 5 way blade i can show you something that doesn't require a super switch to get 5 tones
Thanx for the reply,
I've found a schematic on the of BKP, and i thought I follewed it closely.
Obviously I've made a mistake somewhere but I don't know where...
we're here to help if you are having issues with the wiring. I've done over 100 re-wires personally before joining this site as I do it as a side business so any questions feel free to ask.

the two big problems are either buzzing or no sound at all.