A while ago I picked up an old Carlsberg speaker cab (Late 60's-Early 70's). I've just had chance to open the back up and the speakers are as follows.. Celestion codes "T1417" and "DD13", the speakers are stamped with 15 (fifteen) OHMS.

The speakers aren't currently connected and I was wondering which way (Series or Parallel) they should be wired up to run with an Orange Dual Terror amp? Any info/advice on the speakers would be much appreciated!
Reference this:

According to that manual, it would seem you could either:

1) Connect 1 x 8ohm cabinet to either of the 8ohm speaker output jack sockets.
*This could be done by wiring the speakers in parallel. (15 in parallel with 15 roughly equals 8).
2) Connect 2 x 16ohm cabinets to both of the 8ohm speaker output jack sockets.
*This could be done by separately wiring each speaker to an output.

However, I'm by NO MEANS a pro on speakers and amps. I'm good with electronics and know a lot of electronic theory, but don't have much experience in amps and speakers specifically. For all I know, the fact that those 15ohm speakers aren't 16ohms could be problematic.
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Wire them parallel

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