Hello guys, please C4C on my track, am taking this track into the studio to add drums etc... I need some advice on what you think of the song as a whole and do you think it works the way it is, or does anything need changing? I know and understand that the song is not mixed or mastered to any sort of professional level as it is only a demo so i dont need advice on that thanks

anyway here it is

Thank you
I really like the riffs and the vocals on this one but I think that you should make the guitar sound a bit brighter, in the parts like at 3:00 the tone on the guitar sounds great with the vocals but for the other parts I think I would like it more if the guitar sounded a little brighter I'd like to be able to listen to what your playing..
But I got to say I liked it a lot and I'm very strict with the things I like and listen to.. the chorus is really good. It's deep stuff that's hard to find, oh and make a guitar solo! using the chorus riff as rythm.
subcribed to you
I've listened to a couple more demos of yours I think you are very talented keep it up!

https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1693533 C4C if you can comment on one or 2 of these please
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It will sound good with drums. The guitar is nice and organic but quite muddy. the drums will add to the mix with clarity, but a bit more presence in the guitar sound will seal-the-deal.

Good work.
I agree with the above commenters, the riffs in this one are very refreshing, though they sound a bit muffled. The chord sequences and melodies work well with the vocals but the guitars could do with a bit more clarity, probably easily altered by fiddling with some amp settings.

I'd be interested to see what this sounds like with drums and cleaner recording, keep it up, this is a great track overall that I'd love to hear completed.
The intro reminds me of some song, but I don't think you're ripping off anyone. Sounds late 60's to me, which is fine by me. I think the guitar riffs and vocal melodies are rather catchy. Singing is quite good. I think drums would help a lot. I think you've got a good start! Please review my music at this link: