Hey, how are you? I'm an intermediate guitar player and I'm planning to get a new guitar.
I really like semi hollow guitars and these (Epiphone ES339 Pro and Ibanez AM93) are the best ones that I could find (for less than 800&euro.

My music genre type: I mostly play Indie, alternative/post rock and ambient music.
I always use lots of reverb and a very small amount of overdrive.

In my opinion the Ibanez AM93 is the best guitar between those two (it is more versatile and deals better with reverbs and overdrive than the Epiphone ES339 Pro) but I want to know your opinion, which one do you think that fits better for this kind of music (Indie, alternative/post rock and ambient music)?

I agree -- the AM93 is the best guitar of the two.

I have an old (early '80's) Ibanez AM205, a small-format 335-style guitar that predates the Gibson/Epi small-335-style guitars by a decade or two, so there may be some bias here. I've also got Gibson 335s (from '67) in 6 and 12-string versions, so you'll have to figure out the biases from there.

If it's me, I'd be getting the AM93.
I agree. I have my original 1982 Ibanez AM50 the stripped down version of the AM205. It is my all time favorite guitar (and I have lots of guitars). I will never sell or trade it. I just used it on a gig last night. Amazing action, thin comfortable neck and fat tone. The AM 93 looks like a very similar modal to the AM 205. While I am sure the ES339 is very good also I can speak possitively about the Ibanez.

Here is the AM 50.
Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.
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