Hey guys, I've been a member here for a while now, but I've never utilized the forums before, so I thought I'd turn to my fellow guitar modding enthusiastic's for some advice on a side business I'm starting up.

I'm in the works for a small custom guitar shop called "Hireath Guitars" and the basic idea is that I take blank guitars and customize them however the client wants.

I want to be more acoustic focused, but of course I'm flexible and will be able to go into electrics, cajons, uke's and all that. basically any wood instruments that people want customized.

I would just like some feedback on if this seems like a good idea? the audience that I'm aiming for is people who want a guitar that expresses who they are, but doesn't cost them an arm and a leg.

I'd like to offer packages too, like "The patriot" which would be an elagent red and white design with a maple leaf placed on the inside of the sound hole for acoustics and below the bridge for electrics (Howdy from Canada, by the by). I'm just looking for any kind of feedback, as it's hard to stay in good contact with guitarists when I live in a small town.

Thanks! JP
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I'm just looking for any kind of feedback, as it's hard to stay in good contact with guitarists when I live in a small town.

That could be a problem. No good supplying something there's little or no demand for.
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on one hand everyone wants les pauls with 2 humbuckers , 2 vol, 2 tone , strats or anything you can stick a whammy bar on and it's the unoriginal stuff that pays the bills.

in terms of DIY kits (do it yourself) kits, unless you pay for the slightly higher end ones than the basswood ones the frets may not be perfect and all kinds of excuses for experienced players to tire kick (offer less). But if you know how to level frets and all why not. Just be behind something you'd use yourself.

maybe floyd roses on les pauls and a few odd things done to the guitars would drum up some business as you'd be offering the world (or local classifieds) something they cannot get, if your locations good enough why not. But the thing is if you go too cheap you'll get kids who are saving up their allowance for a smoking hot deal , on the other hand if you go too expensive you may not get any business at all so it's finding that happy medium where you can get a diverse crowd of people.

like if i could get a Dean ML 7 string with a fanned fretboard (25.5 to 27) and a schaller hannes bridge.. something like that I'd go for it but besides that I'd stick to production models as custom shops watering down strats, les pauls and ibanez guitars with over priced hand wound pickups don't do much for me. Then again I've owned probably 100 guitars so I'm extremely picky.
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