Buying real estate companies that are currently letting prime locations in Soho that I want so I can just have the 2 places I want + a bigger real estate company formed after I bought 2 real estate companies and merged them because they had what I wanted.
I'd bring Taco Bell to Soho too, just for my own amusement, I'd make one of my chosen Soho sites the Taco Bell and another just around the corner; it's office, that reports back to it's head office, and I'd make my office for my Taco Bell also my own fortified pad in Soho... - I'd throw a lot of money into the movements in the UK/London for legal recreational marijuana for visitors & residents alike... Live partly in exile in the NL mae a company in the UK, get my UK company to start a Dutch holding company, make that a coffee shop/record label in Amsterdam, record in London, to begin with under my Dutch record company 'Stoner Records', care about record sales just so any artist can feel like their records have earned any accolades awarded to their records, loan them enough pocket money to get by while they're playing in London waiting to live off the royalties after their records have paid 'Stoner Records' back, give them all Taco Bell if they want too, but give them managers too, so they don't become train wrecks, then if the UK ever lets London become like Amsterdam, I want to do a big press release of me at the harbour in Amsterdam on my big new expensive yacht, packed full of representatives from politics and companies in the UK who's business it is setting companies up, so I'd invite people from companies who can register for VAT and Imports/Exports, have everything agreed, have ALL the paper work complete, have it all signed and ready, all of it... I'd take the papers, chucked full of the certificates of registration done upon my superyacht, call out a helicopter, leave the party and my yacht in the North sea, fly to an airport, fly to Hollywood just to get away, coop myself up into room somewhere in West Hollywood, lock myself in a room on the other side of the world, and start working on world tours living off fast food and whatever while sell my real estate company, keep my Taco Bell, have my artists do what they want with their record deals in London, go swimming everyday, work out who sells the most and where I want them to tour, talk to partners like whatever companies to sponsor a big music events for my artists and my Dutch Label around the world, so it's not just a monopoly of me and consumers get to feel reassured by seeing familiar brands too..
Then persuade popular companies/brands to sponsor these events with me and become partners with an Amsterdam coffee shop/record label's idea to get them to put their money into music events across the globe, featuring my popular acts.
I'm also going to need a London FM radio station and a record store, in the UK, for Stoner Records, that coffee shop of mine with the record label that has artists in the UK working for it.
I digress..

The what if money wasn't an issue, thread.
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This is a loaded question. But I guess I'd buy myself lots of things I like and also donate a lot of money.
I'd build roads, pipes and electricity in Africa, and schools and hospitals too.
And wifi. - that stuff's a given.

But just for my own Amusement...
I'd also open a Taco Bell.
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I'd bribe every corrupt politician in every possible country, but bribe them to do good stuff, and after they do good stuff I'd pay them lots of money to step down and let un-corrupt people take their place.

To avoid big-time inflation I could bribe some other people to take away the money from those corrupt dudes (after they've stepped down) and give it to me (which I'd burn, assuming I have an "infinite money printing machine" kind of power).
nah on the real i'd form a watch manufacturing monopoly and and demand all watches have as few pieces as are necessary to tell the time and be attached to a person
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Open up a record store, listen to records all day and talk to people about records. Since money is not an issue I don't have to worry about turning a profit.
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Open up a record store, listen to records all day and talk to people about records. Since money is not an issue I don't have to worry about turning a profit.

you can pick anything you want and you pick one step up from being Amish
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buy copious amounts of psychedelic drugs and drive around in a cadillac eldorado with the top down

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Open up a record store, listen to records all day and talk to people about records. Since money is not an issue I don't have to worry about turning a profit.

also this sounds pretty cool
I'd probably invest it in some kind of organisation/fund that helps other people do what they want, like start a small business or work on some kind of project. There are a few limits I set for participation:
- You need to convince me (or someone appointed by me) that your idea is in some way beneficial to people/society/nature/whatever
- There will be a time frame it which you need to show some results/progress for the funding to continue. The exact time frame/required results will depend on the project. This is mainly to prevent pointless endeavors from dragging on.
- There needs to be a justification for the amount of money you require. In principle it will be a loan without interest, and I don't need a share of any profits.
- I ask that if you do make a profit, you consider contributing to the fund to help others the way the fund helped you. This is voluntary, and not participating won't be held against you. Just don't be a dick, because my organisation has a shit ton of money, and part of what it does will be being even bigger dicks to people who are being dicks to people.

I'd also have the fund/company pay me a fixed salary that I can live comfortably from, but that isn't too high, as I don't want to become complacent.
Good god, the thought of me becoming even lazier than I already am.

Oh, and I'd build a cabin in the woods/mountains somewhere
Hellooo, my name's Ninooooo

I would pay for someone to decipher that wall of text
Come back if you want to
And remember who you are
‘Cause there's nothing here for you my dear
And everything must pass
Oh wow, you even had the jet re-painted just for that pic? You're the best!
Hellooo, my name's Ninooooo

I'd buy a house in every country in the world and one in every major city for larger countries.

I'd convert each of these houses into animal shelters and hire people to work at them. Instead of euthanizing all injured animals that come in I'd have in-house vets treat things like broken bones and stuff.

Then I would pick a place for myself to live and buy at least a 2 story house there and get all the books I'd ever want to read. I would then open a bookstore/children's lending library on the first floor and live on the floor(s) above it with my cat and dog and other small pets.
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Yanno, so you feel extra comfortable.

Hellooo, my name's Ninooooo

- Visit a lot of people
- Buy every square inch of the planet's surface, so I effectively own everything
- Create the pit irl
1. hire a personal army to scour the globe to find all of the pit
2. bring you all to a giant mansion and town specially constructed
3. force you all to live your daily lives but in a giant, controlled zone
4. rule over you all as a cruel and sadistic leader but sometimes be really nice to all of you.
5. pay you all a ridiculous sum of money for this

- buy so many things, like an immeasurable amount of material crap I'll never need or use
- buy so many things, for anyone that asks for it really
- buy all the drugs, in the world ALL OF THEM

These are just starters of course
A poem.
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If I had unlimited money I would go back to university and study physics, then go back and study biology, then go back and study engineering, then I would go back and study maths. I would then get a masters degree in all of them. Then Id try and do a PhD in physics and biology. (I will be getting one in chemistry next year and have a BS and MS in chemistry and drug discovery respectively).

I would go back and study all the STEM fields basically up to MS level and PhDs in the physical sciences if I was allowed to. I would never work. I would just study until the day I died.

After my PhD, I plan on going through the MIT free courses online, but if I had money I would just go back to uni forever and learn everything. Literally everything.
Sat in a lab, curing diseases. They actually LET me play with chemicals!
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i'd manufacture hideous watches and sell them to chrismendiola

Rolex wannabe, huh?
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Rolex wannabe, huh?

Tag Hurler?
Tony Partok

I could go on for ages making up rip off brand names....
Come back if you want to
And remember who you are
‘Cause there's nothing here for you my dear
And everything must pass
doobers and skipping rocks in some place where there are lots of fruits that I can pick and eat

take daynaps in hammocks in the breeze

nice cameras and bumpin sound system and a fast computer w proper film/image editing software. recording room w proper set up. some instruments (cello, standing bass, harmonium, sitar, tablas, harp, some synths, a nice electric w all the pedals I like). a *******aid. some place quiet w a view where I can put all of it.

two pet elephants that just want to chill bc they are content w the belly rubs
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