Thanks for your kind words on my thread \m/ I really like the "spanish" parts of the song the most, but most of the song felt staccato-ish, which was a downside. Another part I enjoyed was, 0:40-1:00. That part and the rest of the song could benefit a lot with a the rhythm track a bit louder. Some notes felt off at 2:03-2:04. Its clear that you have some good skills on the guitar. Songwriting wise, I think something more flowing and more basic will suit my taste better. Mix-wise, it sounded very harsh. A nice semi-wide scoop 3db at 2khz will help quite well. Excited to hear your next track
I would consider this a bit avant-garde: I could picture Frank Zappa playing something crazy like this. I like this jazzy part around 1:35. Overall pretty wild! Not something you're going to hear everyday. Don't know what else to say, other than it took some talent to play it. Please review my music at this link: