Watch That Mouth, Guard Rail

Verse 1:
Stop drinking the water,
It saturates the head.
Legs swollen,
Retaining weight,
Hold off departure,
You're soiling existence.
Excuse your poor life choices for self diagnosed scapegoats,
Limp your ass back to relieve the pressure,
Gravity crush the knees;
They weak!
Diet this,
Diet that,
Man that shit's wack!
The diagnosis is in the way you speak,
Your mouth is stealing that shit from your ass!

Break the mold,
No need to be so petty,
Grow the fuck up,
We've been assuming you're ready,
Maybe I'm wrong,
Maybe maturity don't belong,
In the hands of the wicked,
It's so sickening,
To see beauty and prospect die in the light,
Doomed to fall from respect.

Verse 2:
Whoa, whoa!
Car's on fire!
Breaks are out!
Fuck! Fuck!
What is desired?
Stomp it out!
Were flipped in this ditch,
(Your mouth ruined an otherwise great day,)
All because you had to bitch,
How did you get to be this way?)
My bleeding fingers grip the guard rail,
Questions in my head,
'Do i save her??'
I've been drug through too much to be labeled a fucking savior!

In retrospect maybe silence was better,
Dead-weight bodies aren't feathers,
Weak and weathered we come to conclusions,
Anchored lips,
Close to stitches,
The world doesn't respond well to confusion,
Everything that challenges you witches!
It's no way to live!
No way to live!
You've got to give!
Got to give!
Compromise is a saving grace,
They can't out you in your place,
If you don't test their resilience,
Think twice temptress!