If you wire a push pull volume of tone pot for a coil split (or anything else for that matter) will the primary vol/tone function work normally when pulled for the coil split? Or do you lose the vol/tone function when split?
The pot and the switch function independently from each other so yes, the volume/tone controls still work regardless of whether they're pushed or pulled
XnameisonX is right, it's preference usually where you'd want to split the coils. Tone is usually used as it's further away so you are less likely to smack into it if you're a strat guy who knocks into the volume pot all the time. On a Jackson DK2M I did this constantly as I grew up not playing guitars with the volume so close to the string or bridge pickups so I had to slightly adjust my technique.

the only concern with push pulls is what type you get. A500k or B500k, technically both do the same thing at 10 and 0. Traditionally people like A500k as volume as it's usually the industry standard and a lot of guitars use A500k , but B500k the tone of the guitar doesn't go dark as quick, it's more smooth , more consistent. I can send a video on this subject if you're interested. Personally I hate the classic treble cutting tone knob, none of my guitars have it I'd rather cut bass for my hotter pickups or a mid boost/cut. Both passive and cheap to do....but we're here about push pulls so lets move on

to get the most out of a push pull pot guitarelectronics.com will give you many ideas. The interesting fact is you don't need a push pull to split coils if you never use the tone I'll have a diagram below but some other stuff you can do with a push pull as well as the spin a split mod and really how to get the most out of the push pull; i'm up too early so I got a bit of time to kill.

ok firstly things the push pull can do
coilsplit - technically there is 2 kinds, inner coil or outer, both are different sounding
parallel - hum cancelling weaker tone
half out of phase - youtube this
out of phase - affects the middle position only giving you this quack like sound
fender jazz mod - pretty much its a high value capacitor that cuts a lot of treble
7 way mod - strats or ibanez RG guitars can use all 3 pickups or outer 2
Arlo cocked wah mod
no load tone
a killswitch, it'll be a very useless one considering you can't use it at fast tempos.
I've heard of some weird ones like the megabucker and all too I haven't tried yet, all of those above I know work. Wirign mods is like a hobby to me.

if you want a lot of sounds out of your guitar with minimal soldering I suggest a seymour duncan triple shot system; they work on any 4 wire pickup you've got. They give you 24 tones for 2 pickup guitars instead of 6-ish that 2 splits offer. Kind of expensive but worth it.They are two small switches on your mounting rings.

so next how does a push pull really work
top row - function 1
middle row - activates the contact above and below it, this is called a common
bottom row - function 2
think of a push pull as an ON/ON mini toggle floating in space, this is how it works. Notice the middle contacts are always used. When writing out custom diagrams this is very useful.

and finally.. do you need a push pull to do coilsplits, not always, besides the auto split mod this comes in handy as i can count how many people each year use the tone knob on their guitars.
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