I am looking for a good metal amp. I have picked out a few and want to hear how you guys think they match with the bands I play.

Bands i play:

Lamb of God (prioritized), Slipknot, Meshuggah, Five finger death punch, Megadeath, Pantera

and from tome to time also:

Tool, Rage Against The Machine, Metallica, Slayer, Judas Priest (still want a modern metal sound)


Engl Powerball II

Engl Fireball 100

Engl Blackmore

Peavey 6505+

Diezel Einstein

Kemper ^^
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even though it's not on your list, the Krank Krankenstein + would also be worth a look and so is the Diezel Lil' Focker
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Where are you located? Mesa would be worth looking into.
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Where are you located? Mesa would be worth looking into.

that has MK V wrote all over it
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that has MK V wrote all over it

Totally. Hell, you can get a used MkIV and something else for the price of some of the amps you listed.

Lamb of God used MkIVs for quite a few albums (early through sacrament).
From all of your other threads I believe you are in Germany.

What about the Engl Savage or Invader 2?

I'd probably start my search there and rule them out.
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To get any good advice out of me I'd need to know where you live, what your budget is, what cab you plan on using and whether or not you can go used.

Otherwise, I'd just be throwing things around.

Germany I know Mesa is pretty expensive.. Budget isnt limited actually but if possible ill stay under 2000€ for the amp alone. Id like a completly new amp, not used. Cab is Orange (V30
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since you live in germany, i would skip on mesa, i hear that they are stupid expensive there.

i am sure you could find a nice Engl or Diezel or something there that would suit you. especially becuase they are probably cheaper then they are in the US, and make great stuff.

orange may be worth looking into too, i know you did not list them, and i don't think any of those bands used them, but they get a helluva nice metal tone. i have a rockerverb 50 mk1, and the fucking thing is a beast.

at your budget you may find a bogner, however i don't know how much they go for you over there though.