Hi folks

I was about to sell my Ibanez Korean RG320FM after I got my Ltd EC-401VF. However, I love this Ibanez and it plays very well for me (besides it is absolutely different than the EC-401VF). So I decided to keep it but I will upgrade the pickups. it is now loaded with factory INF3 and INF4 pickups. I am still hesitated between Crunch Lab/Liquifire set or Air Norton/Tone Zone set.

Anyways, I need to confirm whether I will need to replace anything else with the pickups or just pickups as I am moving from passive to passive??

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You should be fine just swapping the pickups. Unless you want to change the pots out for new. I don't know how old they are, but pots are cheap and you're in there anyway.
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no parts need to be changed, the only time you ever replace parts is going active to passive. However you can upgrade/change the pots to add a push pull or re-wire a tone knob to do something else like cut bass or mids.

personally I'd stay away from signature pickups as a fractal axe fx and all is what gives John his tones. Use the EQ chart on Dimarzio website and use your ears to see what the guitar is missing. My big issue with floating tremolos is a good 90% of the guitars with licensed floyd roses, edge III and so forth is they all sound too thin. Usually I use brass big blocks to bring the guitar to life. They are cheaper than a new set of pickups and a lot of guys swear by them. Plus new strings and pick materials really help too.

but if you can get any of those pickups on ebay cheaper used by all means, i've never had the crunch lab but i sold an air norton for like 50$ a few months ago.