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I first TOUCHED a guitar was back in 2007 when i was 7 years old it was a old made in china guitar from my dad's when he was teenager the guitar still in my room till these days the guitar ages is around 20+ years now. So i first started playing electric guitar was back in 2013 weird right? But on those 6 years from 2007-2013 i was hanging out with a group of my friend in my school they all play an instrument i remember there was 6 of them including me 4 of them plays guitar and 1 plays drum but i am the only one who doesn't play ANY instrument so i hang out with them for few years then after that my dad said while he is sitting on his couch and drinking his coffee "what if you play guitar so good and become a superstar" and i am like " no dad that's never gonna happen" and after that day we went to a local shopping mall and we are having our dinner and my dad just said " lets buy a guitar for our son" to my mom. then i thought "hmm what if he bought me a guitar and i can play in a band and my parent would be so proud of me" so i said up to you dad. After that dinner i ended up with an Aria guitar and a solid state 30W amp (i cant remember the day/april/2013) . so that my story i want to know yours thank you for wasting your time reading my story . Cheers!
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I was/am a keyboardist. I worked in a music store by day, a band at night, and my guitarist offered to teach me to play if I bought a guitar. The store had a gunked up ES-335-12string ('67) that someone had converted to six string by simply pulling all the octave strings off. I bought it *very* cheap, cleaned it up, put six strings on it and started to learn to play. A short time later, another 335 showed up (it was another '67 with the finish sanded off) and I returned the 12 to all 12 strings, refinished and re-hardwared the '67 six, and learned mostly on that.
Back in around '92.I was a huge G'n'R fan and my mum had a crappy nylon string classical guitar,I told my dad i wanted to learn to play it and he taught me my first three cowboy chords(c,f and g).Glad i got that F down early .Then a friend had a really cheap Encore Strat-alike.I would watch him play Hey Joe by Hendrix in his room to a backing track.I was in awe.He let me try his guitar and i just loved how it felt and looked.Anyway i begged my dad to get me an electric.We went to the guitar shop and i came home with a cream Hohner Jazz Master shape with tortoise shell pick guard and a Hotlicks begining lead guitar Wolf Marshall video tape.It all started there.
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the same way i started sucking dick, a guy stuck in my hands.
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The year was 1990. I was spending the late summer in Wisconsin. I stopped at a local music store with a friend...he was interested in taking up the guitar. A couple guys were having a heated discussion in the back of the place. I recognized one of them was Stevie Ray Vaughan. I listened in to the conversation and learned that Stevie was complaining about the tremelo he'd bought at the store the week before (prior to a concert). The owner was arguing nothing was wrong with it, that SRV's playing was the culprit.

I walked over, introduced myself, and grabbed SRV's axe from his hands. Then I proceeded to school him on the PROPER way to play "Soul to Soul". He was astonished, called me "Master", and crashed a helicopter shortly afterward because he couldn't live with the shame that he was NOT the best guitarist ever.
A long and not very edifying story in my case, but it worked out in the end.

I started playing playing acoustics in the early 60s, and for the next 35 or so years occasionally bought an electric - but completely failed to understand the importance of pickups and amps - so I never got on with them for very long. In the mid 90s I started using decent electric tube amps for gigging with acoustic guitars - a Peavey Classic 30 then a Blues Deluxe. I play slide, and some time in the early 2000s I got interested in vintage electric lap steels and bought a National Chicagoan. This was the first time I had ever had a decent amp (the BD) and electric guitar at the same time. From there I progressed to other amps and electric guitars, but I still only play slide on them. I also got very interested in pickups and basic guitar mechanics in general. Modding has become a hobby in its own right.

I'm not sure who my electric influences are, maybe Ry Cooder more than anyone else. - He has a fantastic touch. - But I mostly just play acoustic style on electric.
1964. Like most guys my age my life changed the moment the Beatles took the stage at the Ed Sullivan theater. I had always been around music taking piano lessons when I was very young, but the passion began when I heard and saw how electrifying music could be. I was 11 at the time and my best friend's dad played bass in a country band. My friend got an electric guitar and I would borrow his dad's bass and we'd try to play songs. That Christmas my parents got me an acoustic guitar and I spent every moment I could learning to play popular songs from a tab book. Within a year I had bought my first electric guitar and amp. Some cheapie japanese junk, but it sufficed. Fortunately I still stayed with both the acoustic and electric which payed off over the years in being able to approach a wider range of music.

Of course back then every kid was playing something and trying to be in a band, and I was no different other than the fact I was bit by the bug and stayed with it while most of the others went on to other things. Three years later I was in my first real band playing at real paying gigs. Once I discovered people would pay me to do what I loved to do, AND I could easily get girls by doing it...well..that was it!!
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Dunedindragon just told my story. We must be the same age. Beatles/Ed Sullivan the whole thing. I had several friends who like me were massively influenced by that performance. We all convinced our parents to get us guitars. Mostly cheap Japanese junk when guitars coming from Japan were really garbage (we didn't know what a bass was). One guy started taking lessons from a guy who was just a local player so it wasn't scales and modes, it was chords and rhythms. That was lucky for us because he could show us what he was learning each week and had his teacher figure out chord progressions to songs we wanted to learn. It didn't take long before my other friends discovered they would rather play football or basketball than guitar. I still had the passion (and sucked at most sports) so I started playing with other guys in town and we got a gig every Saturday night at a local pizza joint that hired us for $20 ($5 each) to play 2 sets in the backroom of this Italian pizza restaurant. Teenagers our age would hang out there and he sold lots of soda and pizza and we got to play to an audience. That first gig lasted about a year and a half. We were blessed to have it at that age.

Like above I found that it was a great social move being someone others wanted to hang out with because I was in "The Band" and a real jumpstart to getting girls who normally wouldn't give me a second thought. I have just gone on from there moving from band to band. I am still playing gigs almost weekly.
Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.
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I bought the Avenged Sevenfold Live in LBC 2008 dvd when I was 16 years old. I watched it literally hundreds of times and one day I simply decided fuck it I'm playing guitar. Next day i bought my first guitar
I was forced to learn an instrument by my father. Since he played the guitar and could teach me, I ended up with an Epiphone SG. I think for the first year or two I had to be pushed into playing with him but in the end I started enjoying it. With time I started to take the initiative to play by myself, and in the end it became part of my identity. In the end I am really happy that my father gave me a push (a firm one at that) in the right direction. If there is one thing I regret though, it's that it took me 10 years to really understand that you have to play a lot to really get anywhere.
i started in the late 70s. can't say i really remember any defining moment when angels with trumpets sounded and the idea struck me "i must play guitar" . i love music especailly rock so playing the guitar just seemed like the thing to do. i do credit the song Highway Star as being a huge influence on the decision as that solo always got the air guitar going.
I was hanging out with a friend that had a nice bass guitar and a small amp, and one day he said someone was going to play drums, but my memory is a little foggy on the specifics here-he either never got an actual drumset or something else but the point is I was asked if I wanted to play anything, drums or guitar. I had only recently really started to get into Hendrix, and Pantera and Black Sabbath and growing up I mostly heard oldies and country from my parents --Did any of that pop in my head?Nope. The intro to Rock you like a Hurricane played in my head lol. So the bass player taught me horribly wrong things-he lied about everything, including how guitar strings were made, and beleive me we called him out on his bullshit on a daily basis- and I went out and got a book or two, and I learned a few chugga chugga Metallica riffs and everyone thought I was magically a better player.Then a guy who could really play joined in and the bass player basically hung around him, and then his friend got a car and he was all up his ass.Fuck that guy. Anyway, what were we talking about? Oh yeah, I taught myself how to play after that and I got pretty good. Regardless of the horrible intro to it, I love guitars
i was amazed at the speeds of the guitarists shredding and i really wanted to try and play like that

year and a half later and i finally can
2002: I don't remember exactly the order, but my brothers played guitar a bit, and one day when they weren't home I went and played around on it, mostly making scratchy DJ noises. A few days later I asked one of them to teach me tabs. I picked it up fairly quickly.

Now here is where I am foggy, I don't remember if this was before or after I learned to read tabs., but I wanted to play the drums, so my mom wanted me to play percussion in band in school to see if kept an interest in it as she didn't wanna buy a kit to not be used. The band director said there were no spots open for percussion so I ended up playing bass. I saved up birthday money and stuff and bought a squire strat. I didn't get an amp for a couple years after and 2004 started my first band.
How did I start playing electric guitar? Well I got my first one and 2 tab books by my then favorite band. Then taught myself.

That is the short answer but the longer version started back in 1987 when the first Danish rap group came on prime time national tv here in Denmark. Now the group did have a guitarist and there I was in front of the tv watching this. My mom sitting behind me to the right suddenly asked: if you would play an instrument what would it be? Guitar I answered straight back and not ever going any further on that subject at all.

By 1988 I got a brand new Jasmine S60 acustic for my confirmation along with some lessons as I did know or could play anything at all and neither was I inspired at all!

Then the desire started to change around 9-10 grade as I went to a different school and '80s Thrash metal started to fill my ears like: Metallica, DRI, S.O.D, Kreator, Death, Slayer, Mucky Pup etc. and my music awereness shifted.

So after the school finally ended especially 9-10 grade I went and saved up for my first Applause Stratocaster in black and got 2 tab books by Metallica.
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I was lent my first after a friend of mine bought a new one and said wasn't going to use no more. (1996)

said I could have it for free. so I started using it.
and I learned to play songs like "eye of the tiger" and "livin' on a prayer".
This is giggles.

Bought a Jay Turser LP copy for 50 bucks at a yard sale a long time ago.

Learned to play on that, eventually became an Ibanez RG fanboy.

Just a few years ago decided to refinish the Jay Turser. Was stripping the headstock... The Jay Turser was actually a rebranded Stagg... which once stripped was... a rebranded Jay Turser. I was so confused.

A rip-off of a rip-off of a rip-off. Or they're the same company.

So yeah, back OnTopic, I started with that LP copy back in the late 90s as a ska guitarist. Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Mustard Plug, and LTJ were kings. Still playing to this day, but moved into a heavier fare.
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I got my first guitar for Christmas in 1995 when I was 10 years old. It was a Gremlin 3/4 scale guitar, black, strat style with a single humbucker. Unfortunately I didn't play with any regularity until sometime in high school, and lacked discipline entirely until college.