This topic might belong to guitar tech but I find the board pretty "quiet" and really no replies/answers worth a damn.

So I've been trying to play the solo by ear. No problems until 2:43 where the fast ascending comes in. The speed isn't the problem but recognising the notes. I hear them yet I don't. It is EXTREMELY annoying that I can almost "taste" the notes yet I can't seem to get them. I always managed to mess up tab examples of my own so I will not post what I've got so far.

What I have got out of it is that it starts with a bent D and the "standard" pentatonic lick. I don't know how to explain it but basically, I have the beginning of the part from 2:43-...
However after that I can't get much out of it though I have managed to get some individual notes but been unable to construct the other notes around them. The part I'm unable to get by ear ends at the highest possible note in standard E tuning with that Bend-release note which I managed to find as well. There should not be any other obstacles but this.

I hope you understood what I meant and what part I'm talking about. I really can't explain what my brains tend to think but sometimes my ears are contradicted: I hear that a lick doesn't remain the same (it changes one note, the rest remains the same) but actually it does. It might be due to bass that goes around a specific progression and thus creates an "atmosphere". Would be easier to explain if I knew the terms you use for these "phenomena". I hope you understood something as I feel as if I was explaining someone living in 1980 how we live in 2750..
Before the ascending section, uses pinched harmonics on 3rd string (0, 1, 2, 3, 4 ... 4 with vibrato).

the ascending section is basically a moving pattern in E m pentatonic, apart from a mistake(?) in the second pattern.

Sounds like he's using the 2nd and 3rd strings for most of the lick. Basic idea (ignoring exact notes is)

3rd string - slide to pentatonic note, 2nd string - next pentatonic note (these 2 are played as 1/16th notes(
2nd next pentatonic note, pull-off to previous. 3rd string - repeat the starting note and (these three notes are played as 1/16th note triplets)

slide on 3rd string from that pentatonic note to the next pentatonic on that string.

So, on the G string, start at 4th fret (B) ... do the pentatonic pattern (3 5 3 on 2nd string, 4 on 3rd string)).

Then on G string, slide from 4 to 7 (D) ... do the pattern (should be 5 8 5 on 2nd string. 7 on 3rd string). BUT, he goes wrong (?) here, and instead on 8 on 2nd string plays 7.

Same idea ... slide from 7 on 3rd string to 9, do pattern.

Then he skips part of the pentatonic, and instead slides from 9 to 14 on 3rd string, and does pattern (12 15 12 on 2nd string, back to 14 on 3rd string)

Slide from 14 to 16, use adjusted pattern. 15 17 15 on 2nd string ... these 4 notes together are played a 1/16ths.

slide from 16 to 19, use pattern. here the pentatonic is played correctly

That should get you going,
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Alright, and I got the pinch harmonics in the beginning already but anyways, thanks for the help.