Your advice needed for amp, that works with single coil pickup guitar- telecaster (have Harley Benton). In the music shop there were some amps that didn't work with (had crackle). Could you share some knowladge and suggestions for good amp for beginner, that works with single coil guitar.
Any amp should technically 'work'. The crackle you're hearing - is it possible that it's actually a 'hum' from the single coils?

What I may suggest is look into a modeling amp that has a built in Noise gate. If you post a price range / size / wattage / and any other features you're looking for in an amp I'm sure there will be some suggestions.

Edit - If it's a 'crackling' sound that you hear, can you determine what causes it? If you wiggle the cable, touch the pickups, etc... do you hear it? It could very well be a loose jack, bad connection in the guitar, or a bad instrument cable.
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the crackle was more likely a bad cable or a bad input jack on your guitar. any amp will work with single coil guitars. there is 60 cycle hum which can be an issue with single coil pickups which can get a bit noisey espcially if amp is turned up or you are using a fair bit of gain.
Unless you want the mic and/or the built-in rhythm tracks on the Vox5, for a few dollars more you may want to look at the Yamaha THR5. It has a noise gate that can be enabled via a USB connection and software that may help a bit with that single coil buzz. You can also use it to record direct to your PC if that interests you.
You may have a bad ground. Does the "crackle" go away when you touch the strings?
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